The show me/tell me questions are basic vehicle maintenance questions that designed to give you an understanding of how to keep your car road worthy and reliable. The questions are asked at the start of the test after your eyesight check.

You will be asked two of the following questions and will be given a minor mark for every wrong answer. As the title suggests you maybe asked to show the examiner how to do some of the checks and tell them how you would do others (sometimes, weather dependant).

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The photos below are only a sample of some of the questions, make sure you download the file above to view all the questions.

The Engine Bay

Engine Oil

To check the engine oil level you need to remove the orange dipstick and wipe clean. Then re-insert the dipstick, remove again and check the level is between the minimum and maximum levels.

The oil should always be checked when the vehicle is on level ground and be careful of the hot engine. Refer to your manual for right oil grade and top up in right corner.

Engine Coolant

To check the coolant level, make sure the fluid level is between the minimum and maximum indicated on the side of the coolant reservoir. Levels should always be checked when the car is on level ground.

Screen Wash

To check the screenwash level unsure you can see screenwash in the screehwash reservoir. If you can’t top up until visible. Always check on level ground.



The Brake Fluid

To check the brake fluid levels check the side of the brake fluid reservoir and make sure the fluid is between the maximum and minimum markings. Always check when the car is on level ground.

Light Checks


Checking the headlights and taillights are working correctly. Switch on the ignition and then turn on your headlights. Then exit the car and make sure all lights are working correctly.

Lights switch in dipped light position:

Rear Fog Lights

Switching on rear fog lights. Turn on ignition and then turn on headlights. Then pull out light switch twice to turn on rear fog lights. Fog lights should only be used when visibility is below 100 metres.

Lights switch in rear fog light position:

Switching To Full Beam Headlights

To switch from dipped beam to full beam you need to switch on your ignition and dipped headlights as shown above. Then you push away your left hand steering wheel stalk. If the full beam is on you will see a blue light in your left hand pinnacle as shown below.


Checking The Direction Indicators

The easiest way to check the direction are working correctly is to apply the warning hazard light before exiting the vehicle and checking they are all working correctly.


Fault With The ABS

If there is a fault with the ABS then a warning light will illuminate.


Setting The Demister Controls

Press the heated rear screen button and the front demister button. In some cars you may also have to adjust the fan speed and temperature.