Spiral Roundabouts

Spiral roundabouts are common roundabouts that are used across the country. They are fully marked and guide every driver to their exit.

Remember to complete your routine as you approach the roundabout. You should keep to the left lane if you intend to go left or straight on or keep to the right lane if you intend to turn right. Keep checking in front of you in case markings direct you to another lane.

Now that you have selected your lane you shouldn’t change lanes again. As you enter the roundabout keep to your lane and keep your speed low in 2nd gear. Focus on staying in your lane and it will take you to the correct exit. Remember to check your centre mirror and left mirror and signal left as you pass the exit before yours. This alerts other drivers to your intention.

Every roundabout you encounter can be slightly different so make sure you concentrate on your lanes. Weather conditions and poor markings can make things difficult so keep your speed low to make it easier for you. Below is a video of spiral roundabout

Unmarked Roundabouts

Some roundabouts have no road markings at all, which means the driver is responsible for their road position. Every roundabout is different so don’t make assumptions about the roundabout ahead of you.

Lane discipline is even more important on an unmarked roundabout due to the lack of markings causing confusion with other drivers. The video below gives an example of the correct road position on a small unmarked roundabout that’s often used from the South Wigston test centre.