Pork Pie Island is one of the biggest roundabouts in South Leicester. Its named after the library that is positioned next the roundabout which resembles a pork pie when viewed from above.

It is often used by driving examiners from the South Wigston Test Centre. Until a few years ago it was feared by all learner drivers in the area, however due to the introduction of traffic lights to four of the main entrances to the roundabout it has become a lot easier to negotiate.

As with all roundabouts it is important to keep your speeds low and focus on staying in your lane. Complete your routine early as you approach the roundabout so that you have the car under control.  If you are approaching on either Saffron Lane or Saffron Road make sure you stay out of the bus lanes but move left once they have finished. As you travel around the roundabout try to count off your exits so you know which exit is yours

The following videos show routes around the roundabout and the correct lane positioning.

Glenhills Way to Saffron Lane

Attlee Way to Saffron Lane

Stonesby Ave to Attlee Way (Ring Road Leicester East A563)

Saffron Lane to Attlee Way (Ring Road Leicester East A563)

Wigston Lane to Saffron Lane