The hobby horse roundabout is another junction that has been more widely used with the change of test. The roundabout links the A607 and the A46 and is often used during the independent driving section of the test.

This briefing and the video above are based upon travelling east along the A46 and being asked to follow signs for the A607 to Leicester.

After you pass the Wanlip slip road you will see a sign instructing you to use the right hand lane for the A607 to Leicester. Do this as soon as you can, try to maintain your speed as slowing will make it more difficult to change lanes.

The next sign you pass will tell you that a roundabout is approaching and that the A607 to Leicester is the 3rd exit right.

As you approach the roundabout reduce your speed early but gradually. You will have a choice of three lanes to turn right in. The best lane to pick up is the furthest left as this will leave you in left lane for the next dual carriage way.

As you enter the roundabout keep your speed slow and focus on staying in your lane. Signal to exit the roundabout then increase your speed onto the dual carriageway.