Gipsy Lane Traffic Lights control the junction of Gipsy Lane and Cathrine Street. They are located 100 yards from the Gipsy Lane Test centre, which means there is a 50/50 chance that a practical test will have to negotiate the lights within the first 30 seconds of the start.

As with all complicated junctions the most important fact is take your time, if you rush you will make mistakes. The following briefing and video are describing turning right at the traffic lights into Barkby Rd.

As you approach the lights make sure you observe the vehicles in front, if any are turning right you will have to wait behind the white lines. The first waiting area is a yellow box, you must not enter the box until the 2nd box is clear (your exit). If your view of Cathrine Street is blocked wait until the traffic clears or the filter light comes on. Remember the filter is only on few seconds so don’t hesitate when it comes on.

As you move into the 2nd box check down Cathrine Street again to make sure the right hand lane is clear. Also beware of pedestrians and other vehicles exiting Kerrysdale Avenue.

Your Rapide driving instructor will take around this junction several times in order to make you feel confident and comfortable with it.