This video shows the correct lane procedure when travelling from Lutterworth Road to Soar Valley Way. A common fault is to use the right lane as you would normally do when turning right, however at this particular junction you are allowed to turn right from the left lane.

This particular junction is often used in the Independent Driving section, the candidate will be asked to follow signs for the M1/M69 and then told that they will need to turn right at the next traffic lights.

It is important to take note of the road signs and markings. By keeping to the left lane the candidate is automatically in the left lane of the next dual carriageway. Don’t worry if you forget; don’t panic, you can turn right in the right-hand lane then change to the left once in you’re into soar valley way (Mirror Signal Manoeuvre).

Make sure you look out for the road signs below and the road markings stating ALL RTS:

Sign explaining that road users can use the left lane to turn right at the next traffic lights.