Your driving test will consist on a variety of different junctions in various areas. Your Rapide Driving School instructor will endeavour to take you to as many different areas to best prepare you for your test.

It’s best not to focus on one particular junction as you may not even go to that junction on your test. The best idea is to vary the areas that you drive in so that you can be prepared for all situations.

The following videos show are variety of different junctions that you may encounter on your Leicester driving test. You shouldn’t expect to know every road on your test, so remember to plan ahead and react early to give yourself more time to prepare.

South Wigston High School (Windsor Avenue)

Video of a vehicle travelling along St Thomas Rd into Windsor Avenue. Use the video as a guide but don’t forget to look for yourself. Every time you drive treat the ahead road like its the first time you’ve ever been there, assuming that you know whats coming before you get there can be very dangerous.

Guthlaxton College (Manor Street)

Video of a vehicle travelling along Station Road turning into Manor Street. As with above use the video as a guide, make sure you don’t assume anything.

Trinity Road Whetstone

Video of a vehicle travelling along Enderby Road turning left into Trinity Road. As with the videos above only use this video to remind you of the junction, don’t assume you already know the hazard before you get there. In the video you will notice a cyclist on the pavement just before the corner, the most dangerous hazard might not be the corner itself.

Nautical William

Video of a vehicle travelling along Aylestone Lane into Rolleston Road. Make sure you have observed the pedestrian crossing as you approach before you focus on the corner. The video is designed to help you remember the corner but always look for yourself don’t assume you know whats going to be there because you’ve watched this video.

Wigston Fields Estate