With the introduction of independent driving to the practical driving test the DSA has introduced some new junctions to test routes. One of these junctions is the roundabout connecting the A46 to the A6. This roundabout is often used during the independent driving section of the test.

As you approach the roundabout intending to turn right from the A6 to A46 (3rd exit at the roundabout) make sure you pick up the right lane early. Signal once for the lane change and a second time for the roundabout.

As you enter the roundabout keep slow even if traffic around you is moving quickly, stay inĀ 2nd gear. After you pass the 2nd set of traffic lights you will see the 2nd exit sign posted A6 to Loughborough. Stay in your lane almost as if your going to take the 2nd exit until the last moment turn right into the outside lane of the roundabout. This will then allow you to take the 3rd exit of the roundabout.